Friday, April 3, 2015

History has been made!

One week ago (March 27, 2015), three briefs were filed at the Supreme Court in Washington DC. I was there!

Each of the three briefs was authored by a pair of COGs -- or children of gays. Six COGs authored passages in all, though we were also speaking on behalf of the hundreds of gay families whose members we've worked with.

This represents the first time that the Supreme Court will be reading independent, scholarly advisement on marriage policy from COGs writing on their own. Up until now, COGs have been largely controlled by COLAGE, which answers mostly to the demands of aspiring gay parents even though they claim to represent "children of lesbians and gays everywhere." COLAGE has typically not given much depth or extended time to individual COGs, especially COGs who are independent of their gay guardians, able to think critically about same-sex parenting, and stable enough in their education and career to speak openly and survive the backlash from gay parents.

All that's changed now. It took years for us COGs who wanted to speak honestly and independently to hone our voices, find our platforms, and work together even if we don't always agree on topics like civil unions, adoption, and religion. We all agree that kids need someone to look out for them and that hasn't happened up until now.

Read the briefs -- they are, beyond historic, very informative and ranging.

Here is the joint brief filed by Dawn Stefanowicz and Denise Shick:

Here is the joint brief filed by Katy Faust and Heather Barwick:

Here is the joint brief filed by me and B.N. Klein:

It is crucial that the state attorneys know that these briefs are out there and represent the scholarly viewpoints of people who have actual standing in the question of gay marriage. Often during these debates, people who don't stand to lose anything for gay marriage are the ones who always talking--on both sides.

The six of us and the hundreds for whom we speak have a stake in gay marriage. We will bear the brunt of the fallout. We need our voices to be heard.